The Darling Downs Christian Conventions Inc. exists primarily to encourage and equip Christians for life and Christian mission in an increasingly materialistic and humanistic context.

One method of achieving this aim is to bring quality Christian teaching to Christians

The Objects and Beliefs of The Darling Downs Christian Conventions from the Constitution of DDCC Inc are:

The objects of the Association:

(a) To hold annually or otherwise at Warwick or elsewhere on the Easter weekend, or at any other times, conventions or gatherings of Christians, the primary purpose of which shall be to give Bible teaching for the deepening of the spiritual lives of Christians. This and all other objects of the Association shall at all times be in conformity with the following doctrinal basis.

Belief in:

(b) To conduct evangelistic meetings.

(c) To promote interest in missions, by setting aside special times and meetings and by receiving and sharing funds to support missionary work in conformity with the doctrinal basis of the Association.

(d) To run ministries for young people concurrently with the Convention.

(e) To co-operate with all recognized Christian churches and organizations for the deepening of spiritual life of Christians and the proclamation of the Gospel in Australia and abroad.

2016 Presidents Report