Easter Convention Speakers

2019 Speakers

Rev Dr Wesley Redgen

Wesley is a local Queenslander who has been teaching at Queensland Theological College for 18 years now. Wesley's areas of teaching specialty are Greek and placing the New Testament in its first century Graeco-Roman world. Prior to lecturing, he was a pastor for 15 years in country NSW and Ipswich.

Wesley has been married to Evelyn for 32 years and they have 4 adult children. Watching their children involved in their local churches' ministries brings them much joy. Wesley plans to use The Acts of the Apostles to show how true Christians deal with persecution.

You can find more details about Wesley here: Rev Dr Wesley Redgen

Theme -> "God's Mission in Persecution"

Session Topics

  • Session 1 The gospel meets godless religion (Acts 4:1-37, 5:17-42)
  • Session 2 The gospel meets domesticated PC religion (Acts 13:42-14:6)
  • Session 3 The gospel meets patriotic loyalists (Acts 17:1-9)
  • Session 4 The gospel meets mocking cynics (Acts 17:16-34)

Rev Dr David Burge

David met his wife Ashleigh while studying at Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC). After teaching in a Bible College in Mongolia, David was the minister of Walcha Presbyterian Church in northern NSW. He then returned to SMBC in 2015 to teach Theology and New Testament. David and Ashleigh have four kids, aged 7 to 15, as well as a dog, a cat, two budgies, four hens, and two large stick insects named Aldroid and Mango. David looks forward to sharing with us from the amazing life and writings of the Apostle Peter.

You can find more details about David here: Rev Dr David Burge

Theme -> "God's Mission in Persecution"

Session Topics

  • Session 1 God so richly blesses! (1 Peter 1:1-12)
  • Session 2 God has set us apart! (1 Peter 1:13–2:10)
  • Session 3 God knows our suffering! (1 Peter 2:11–4:19)
  • Session 4 God will bring us home! (1 Peter 5:1-14)

2018 Speakers

Dr Jeff Vickers

Dr Jeff Vickers was saved in 1970 through a Baptist Ministry in Sydney Australia. Since 1975, he has served the Lord as a youth director for a Methodist Mission, a Stipendiary Catechist (teacher) in the Anglican Church, a Home Missionary for the Presbyterian Church, a Pastor/Teacher in several Pentecostal churches, and the Founder/Director of a church planting and Bible teaching Ministry.

Since 1999, God has provided opportunities for ministry and teaching at a number of Church meetings, International Conferences, Bible Colleges, Ministry Training Schools and other educational centres, in Australia, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Pakistan, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, China, South Korea and in a number of places in the United States of America.

In early 2017, Dr Jeff and his wife, Wendy, moved to Goondiwindi, Qld, where Wendy accepted a teaching role at the new Border Rivers Christian College, and both have become active in the local Christian community.

You can find more details about Jeff here: Dr Jeff Vickers

Theme -> “God's Love”

Session Topics

  • Session 1 God is Love
  • Session 2 God loved me before I was born
  • Session 3 God loved me before I was born again
  • Session 4 God loves me with unfailing love

Geoff Folland

Geoff Folland: Geoff is passionate about leading missional teams who make disciple-makers. He has been doing this on university campuses in Sydney for over 20 years.

Transformed by Jesus’ incredible good news as a child, he loves to engage with God’s Word and wrestle with how to apply it to life today. He has had the privilege of speaking in India, Korea, New Zealand and the US.

He proposed to his (now) wife, Liz, on their first AND second dates. She eventually said yes. He is father to Philip (16) and Katrise (12), both adopted from the Philippines. He is kept humble by being a Parramatta Eels fan.

You can find out more about Geoff here: Geoff Folland

Theme -> “God's Love”

Session Topics

  • The story of hesed (part 1). Ruth
  • The story of hesed (part 2). Ruth
  • The heartbroken God. Hosea 1
  • Love with skin on. John 13-17

2017 Speakers

Brett Ryan

Brett Ryan and his wife, Kate, were married in their early twenties after dating for two years. Their courtship featured Brett putting romantic messages on Kate's windscreen. However, married life has not been without its challenges. They share how their strong faith and friendship – along with a healthy sense of humour - has helped them overcome numerous life challenges. As CEO for Focus on the Family, Brett is fully equipped theologically and practically specifically in the areas of family health. Having raised three sons (Taylor 20, Lachlan 18, and Cameron 16) he understands the current issues facing families today. He tackles real issues facing all ages from teenagers, to-be-marrieds, newly –weds, and families. In 2017 Brett, with the help of his wife, will be bringing talks and seminars to theDEC.

To find out more about Focus on the Family you can visit their website, their Facebook Page or their Twitter Feed.

Theme -> Family

Session Topics:

  • Session 1 It is not good to be alone. (including practical tips for marriage)
  • Session 2 What God has joined together (including practical tips for marriage)
  • Session 3 Mums and dads are made in God's image ( including practical tips for parents)
  • Session 4 Attack on the family and how we should respond (including practical tips for parents)
  • Session 5 Conflict resolution in relationships
  • Session 6 Submission - God's plan
  • Session 7 A Christian response to a sexualised society
  • Session 8 Church and family partnership

2016 Speakers

Murray Wright

Murray Wright comes originally from the Lockyer Valley but for the past 30 years has lived in Toowoomba. During that time, Murray has worked in a variety of roles including, establishing the DD&SWQ Scripture Union regional office; teaching maths/science; deputy principal (Harristown SHS) and principal (Toowoomba SHS); Director Corporate Services at Toowoomba City and Regional Councils. Now in ‘retirement’, Murray enjoys a variety of tasks – working with beginning teachers at USQ, providing executive leadership coaching, and Director of Malyon College. Malyon Workplace is a ministry of Malyon College, the Baptist theological training college in Brisbane. Malyon Workplace seeks to develop Christians to be people of influence, able to effectively integrate their faith and their work. Murray is married to Jenny, has two children and three energetic grandchildren.

Theme -> “Fruitfulness on the Frontline”

Session Topics

  • Session 1 Fruitfulness on the Frontline - The Big Picture
  • Session 2 Modeling Godly Character and Making Good Work
  • Session 3 Ministering Love and Grace and Moulding Culture
  • Session 4 Being a Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice and a Messenger for the Gospel

2016 Speakers

Ian Malins

Ian Malins is a former missionary, Bible teacher, pastor and author. He and his wife, Diane, were Bible teachers on the staff of the Christian Leaders’ Training College (CLTC) of Papua New Guinea for 14 years, followed by 10 years of pastoral ministry in Queensland. They are founders of Omega Discipleship Ministries – a ministry designed to encourage and equip believers to grow into mature disciples of Jesus Christ, and have developed resources to help in that process. They have been speakers at international discipleship conferences in Asia and Pacific countries and conducted discipleship training seminars in many countries including Australia. They live in Brisbane where Ian is currently a Bible-college lecturer, speaker and writer, with a teaching ministry to the wider Body of Christ. They are part of Bridgeman Downs Baptist church where Ian is involved in men’s ministry, and has written ‘The Reconnected Man’ series designed especially for men and men’s groups. Ian and his wife Diane have three adult married sons – Dallas, Peter and David.

Theme -> “The Journey of Life”

Session Topics:

  • Session 1 The Journey of life - Calibrate your compass
  • Session 2 Living as a beloved son (daughter)
  • Session 3 The Four calls of Jesus – How far have you followed?
  • Session 4 Living for a Kingdom and a Cause

2015 Speakers

John Mackay

John Mackay is International Director of Creation Research and has been lecturing on God's wonderful creation as well as leading field trips world wide and doing field research around the globe on Creation and Noah's Flood for the last 30 years. BIBLE TEACHING is one of John's strengths. His strong stand on God's Word being true from Genesis to Revelation combined with an exciting God given ability to communicate very effectively to the ordinary person, enables John to open the scriptures concerning the Creator who became the Saviour Christ, as well as explain the wonderful evidence of what God has done in Creation and since. John's 2009 very successful TV Documentaries; Darwin on the Rocks and Darwin's Evolution A Very Unnatural Selection were filmed around the globe and feature leading Creationists. The documentaries were produced for Darwin's 200th Anniversary year, to expose the folly of Evolution and show the truth of God's word about creation. John's Bible and Science teaching programs currently appear on TBN and SKY networks in the UK and EU and on Cable Networks in the USA and Canada. The CEVMA Film Festival 2004 in Hohe Rhone, Germany awarded their top Christian TV award to Creation Research programs. John has published many articles and appeared widely on radio, TV and public seminars, in universities, schools and churches throughout the western world. Text & Image adapted from Creation Research

Theme -> “GOOD NEWS from the foundation of the world to the new heavens and new earth.”

Session Topics:

THEME VERSES Luke 24; 27, 44-47

  • Session 1 GOOD NEWS beginning at Moses
  • Session 2 GOOD NEWS IN THE LAW
  • Session 4 GOOD NEWS IN THE PROPHETS ...don't miss the link!
Luke 24:27, 44-47 And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. ... 44 Now He said to them, "These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled." 45 Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, 46 and He said to them, "Thus it is written, that the Christ would suffer and rise again from the dead the third day, 47 and that repentance for forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in His name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.

2015 Speakers

Graham Hooper

Graham Hooper grew up in UK, where he graduated as a civil engineer. He then went out to Tanzania for 2 years to work for the Game Department, in the Selous Game Reserve in the south. Graham went on to work on a port development project in Mauritius for six years before taking a 2-year 'time out' to study theology at Trinity College, Bristol. Graham and his family then moved out to work in Papua new Guinea. Through his role as a senior executive with a global infrastructure company, they have also lived for extended periods in Australia and have spent the past five years based in Dubai. Graham and his wife are enjoying being back in Australia, nearer their children and grandchildren. Image and text adapted from an interview with Graham on Malyon Workplace.

Graham is the author of the book "Undivided", a book about closing the gap between who we are and who we would like to be. You can see reviews here and here. See more about Graham's book and about Graham on Malyon Workplace.

Theme -> “Living for Christ in a godless world”

Session Topics:

2014 Main Speaker

Dr Don Hardgrave

Dr Don Hardgrave spent four years school teaching in both primary & high schools prior to training for the ministry. He has participated in the planting and 're-potting' of many churches since 1972. He obtained his MA in Church Growth in 1982, Doctor of Biblical Studies in 1989. Don has exercised pastoral ministry alongside other responsibilities especially camp ministry to high schoolers and young adults. He has served the Lord in the Wesleyan Methodist, & Baptist churches & more recently seminars for the Salvo's. Making Disciples is a passion, & his resources have been used extensively in Australia & overseas (Lecturing both in Switzerland & USA) with significant response in the lives of those who participated. Don is happily married (since 1970) and has 2 fine adult sons.

2013 Main Speaker

Kel Willis

Kel Willis is director of Christian Growth Ministries Inc, a non-denominational organisation ministering to the church at large. He has more than 40 years experience in Christian work, including evangelism, youth and student work and pastoral ministry. Kel has spent the past 25 plus years in itinerant Bible teaching, with a particular emphasis on ministry to pastors and leaders within local churches. Kel is also Chairperson of Morling College Council.

An ordained Baptist minister, Kel is a gifted Bible teacher and communicator. He conducts teaching programs and seminars covering areas of need currently evident in the church and community. Kel has had considerable experience in church consultancy and conflict resolution. He is the author of five books, Clearing The Cobwebs, Escaping Mediocrity, The Experience Trap, Preaching for Impact and Living With You, Living With Me.

2012 Main Speaker

Michael Raiter

B.A.; B.Th.; M.Th.; Dip Ed.; Dip.A.(Theol)
Michael Raiter has been the Principal of Melbourne School of Theology (formerly Bible College of Victoria) since 2006. After working with CMS in Pakistan teaching the children of missionaries at Murree Christian School, he returned to Australia to complete theological studies. He then returned to Pakistan to be involved in theological education with Interserve. In 1997, Michael returned to Sydney, Australia to establish the mission department at Moore College. He is married to Sarah and they have four children. He is the author of the 2004 Australian Christian Book of the Year, "Stirrings of the Soul". He keeps fit with cryptic crosswords and thriller novels.

Mike will step aside as Principal of MST at the end of 2011 to take up an itinerant speaking role in the Church at large. At our Convention, Mike will be speaking on the topic "Christ Confronts Aussie Culture". The Church in Australia faces a major task to fight against the secularisation of Australian culture, and to replace it with a vibrant Christianity based on Jesus Christ, the Living Word of God; the Bible, the Written Word of God, and the Living Spirit of God who animates both.

Mike writes in his book 'Stirrings of the Soul': "We are a world full of people drinking Cokes on hot days when there is a well of fresh, icy cold water right around the corner. It is our mission to expose the false superstitions of our society, and winsomely present Jesus Christ, the Bread and Water of Life. in a way that is faithful to Scripture and meaningful to shoppers in the spiritual marketplaces all around us."

2011 Speakers

Ken Legg

Ken Legg is well known for supplying Bible Studies to small groups and resource material to Christian Ministries. Small-Groups-Ministry exists to equip and support Christian ministries – especially those that operate in small groups. Small-Groups-Ministry is sponsored by Set Free Ministries (not related to any church bearing the same name).

Set Free Ministries was established in 1996. Ken, and his wife Marianne, are pastors of New Beginnings Christian Church, on the Gold Coast of Australia. They have been involved in Christian ministries for 33 years, having pastored churches in the U.K, New Zealand and Australia since 1973. Ken ministers the grace of God and has a unique way of sharing this message, which sets people free from legalism and striving and brings them into the liberty Christ intends for us.

Over the years many have told Ken that his teaching ministry should be made available to the wider body of Christ. Set Free Ministries was established with the goal of supplying Bible Studies and training programs for small groups, churches and individuals. But also, Ken speaks at local churches, seminars and conferences.

He has authored 12 books and produced several training programs and CD's. Over 800 churches throughout Australia, as well as hundreds of small groups and Christian ministries, have used his training programs.Our quality FREE e-zine "Grace Roots" is published monthly. Have you signed up for your copy yet?.

Steve & Julie Bazal (QLD Ministry Director SIM Australia)

Steve grew up in Tacoma, Washington as the youngest child of a family of six kids. Julie grew up in Tamworth, NSW, the youngest of two. Having both been a part of mission trips in their teens, their involvement with Teen Missions International (TMI) brought them together for Bible College in the US at TMI's Bible, Missionary, and Work Training Centre. They were married and have had the privilege of serving in mission all over the world. First through TMI discipling teenagers and leading them on short-term mission, and currently with SIM (Serving In Mission) here in Australia.

Julie is a graphic designer who serves as part of SIM's media team along with being "mum" to their two beautiful daughters, Alexa (6) & Jemma (1 1/2). Steve currently serves as SIM's QLD Ministry Director, leading the work of SIM in QLD, promoting mission in churches, conferences & with individuals, working with people interested in serving with SIM, and building strategic partnerships with churches and organizations. Steve also serves as SIM's Australian advocate for Sports Friends, SIM's sports ministry arm! Their passion is to see God raise up an army from our emerging generations to take Christ's compassion and love to the ends of the earth and see the Great Commission fulfilled!

David Donnett (Youth/Children's Speakers)

A farmer and a New South Welshman at heart, David loves to share the Gospel and working with young people in the bush. He is a leader on Scripture Union Boys Agricultural camps and a keen worker in the church family. He was a youth group leader, scripture teacher and Bible Study coordinator in his previous home at Gilgandra, north of Dubbo. David became a Christian at the age of 13 and values the need to have young people make a correct choice to follow Jesus at an early age.

David's passion is Bible Story telling, taking the literate version of the Bible and making it oral.  Working closely with Keith Benn of Wycliffe he travels the country over sharing the gift of Bible story crafting. David is currently based at Maryborough Qld working on a Marina project on the Mary River.